Terms of Service

**Note: Information subject to change over time** (Updated as of 7-27-18)


~Please read carefully! If you order for commissioning, I will assume you have read and agreed to these terms.


■The best and fastest way to contact me for commissioning is through my email: ([email protected])

■If you would like a direct chat with me regarding commissions, just ask and we can privately chat in a way I can provide.


Subject Material


  • I can draw many types of animals, anthropomorphic beings, monsters, humanoid creatures AND humans. I can draw a wide variety of things as long as a clear visual reference is given.
  • I can draw different landscapes, simple scenes and settings within my comfort zone.
  • I can also do fan art, however, copyrighted characters are dealt with case-by-case and the commission must fall under Fair Use laws.
  • I can draw your original characters wearing other character’s clothing/accessories, including those from video games, movies, shows etc. just ask!
  •  I may draw mild gore/violence, but I will not do anything I deem too cruel.
  • I am fine with slightly suggestive poses/expressions and some pin up material
  • I can also do custom badges, logos and Youtube/Twitch banners. These aren’t official options in my price list yet, but ask and we can possibly negotiate : )


  • NO WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS without image references. You don’t have to have an official reference sheet, you can create a board with various images, point out important details and what characteristics that closely resemble to what you want (a collage board). >Click here for examples of acceptable reference sheets<
  • *Preferably no NSFW ref sheets, but if you only have a NSFW one, at least have the decency to warn me about the links first please.*
  • I DO NOT do NSFW commissions. I will not draw any adult/sexual themes, weird fetishes, anything excessive and anything else uncomfortable for me to draw.
  • I will NOT draw excessive amount of accessories, colors and markings
  • I will NOT draw anything that is hateful towards a person/group/race/identity, etc.
  • I can not design a new character(s) for you.
  • I do not make comics or reference sheet commissions.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions concerning things not listed here.


Ordering & Payment

●I accept PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay using your bank card. I also accept Steam games only on my wish list as a form of payment depending on the type of commission.

●Pay MUST be in US Dollars, if you use a different currency, please convert before paying.


First, know what you want before placing an order.

●Please fill out an Order Form for me to consider. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to provide all necessary information to complete the commission. If you have submitted an order form, be prepared to receive an email from me in your inbox. Further discussions on commission orders will be made via email.

●If I accept your commission, Full payment is due before I can start working. I tell you the total and only if you agree, an invoice will be sent to your email. (PLEASE, do NOT just send payment, wait for the invoice and pay through there.)

Don’t feel bad if I don’t answer to your order right away! It most likely means I am occupied. If I do not answer within 3 days, it means I am Closed. You can try again at a later date, check my commission queue often.


How I Work (full process)

●I will make a little preview thumbnail of the idea I was given, focusing on pose, setting and composition of overall image. Any changes to ideas is discussed in this stage. You do not pay until you fully approve of the previews.

●After payment is sent, I will draw a bigger detailed sketch for approval and ask for any changes or additions.

●Line art will be made and sent.

●Flat colors will be made and sent. I will ask for anything to fix/add. (This is the last time to make any corrections)

●Finish rendering with shading, any backgrounds, added effects and turn in the final version c:

(For Sketchy Doodle and sketch commissions, they are paid first and done straight through.)



●If no deadline is set, each commission will be completed as soon as possible from 3 days – a month. However, the time will vary depending on how complex it is, communication issues, the number of customers ahead of you, educational studies, etc. Be prepared to wait!

●If you would like your commission to have a certain deadline (ex. birthdays, holidays, etc.) let me know two weeks before due date in your order form.

♦Please be clear about this and make sure I have agreed to said deadline.♦

UPDATE: As of October 12, 2017 , I am no longer accepting commissions with deadlines. All commissions will be done as soon as possible based on my availability. ______________________________________________________________________________

Edits & Alterations

●For commissions of all types, small changes are free.

●For completed Sketch commissions, any bigger changes will require a fee of $4-$8 depending on how major of a change it is.

●For completed colored Regular commissions of all types, changes of large size require a fee ranging from $5-10 depending on how major of a change it is.



●If I am unable to start your commission, or you canceled your commission before work has begun, you will be refunded the full amount paid.

●I may cancel the commission any time for any reason, the commissioner may cancel any time for any reason.

●In case you decide to cancel when work has begun, you will be refunded. You may ask for the unfinished work, however, there may be a small fee for it.

●Once completed, Artwork is non-refundable.



●I reserve the right to refuse service/cancel your commission for any reason and I am in no way obligated to give a reason in the case of refusal.

●Unless stated otherwise, I retain all copyright to my artwork even if characters contained within the work belong to the commissioner. It is my right as the artist to post, distribute, copy (etc.) to other sites as promotion or display.

●If the commissioner does not wish to have their commission uploaded for display, they have the right to tell me so and I will comply.

●Artwork is to be used ONLY by the commissioner and those who own the rights to their character(s) contained in the artwork under Fair Use Laws.

●The commissioner has my permission to print/copy their image(s) for personal use only and no profit is being made.

●The commissioner may post their commission on any public gallery/art site as long as credit is given. However, I do ask you to not remove any signatures on the image.

●See Artwork Permissions for more information regarding use of artwork and permission to re-post