Stuff y’all keep asking me

■How are you today?

-I’m doing quite fine, thanks. How about yourself?

■What tablet/tools do you use?

-Wacom Cintiq 13HD

I also use pencil, paper, scanner if I don’t have my fancy tools with me.

■What art program(s) do you use?

-Fire Alpaca, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6.

■How do you get your lines so smooth O: ?!!?!?!?!?!

-That’s for me to know and you to figure out ahuehueheafkl;

■Do you do NSFW art?

-No, I do not.

■ I don’t have a reference sheet yet, can you draw my character based on a written description?

No written descriptions, please. You don’t have to have an official reference sheet, you can find a combination of other images that closely resemble to what you want. >For example, a “mood board” would be acceptable to use as a reference sheet<

Like literally, open up MS Paint and slap on pictures that have bits and pieces of what your character has and point them out. I don’t care if you even do a wiggly pixelated pencil doodle with sprayed-on colors to show how color patterns/markings go, if I can tell what it is, I can draw it. Click here for examples of acceptable reference sheets

■How can I pay you/ What is your method of payment?

-I use Paypal. I accept both card and Paypal. Payment is done upfront. After accepting, an invoice will be sent to your email and you can pay through there. I also accept Steam games on my wishlist as a form of payment depending on what type of commission.

■May I reblog/post/share your artwork on Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/[insert whatever other site here]?

-You can re-post my art elsewhere as long as you give credit and follow what is written in my Artwork Permissions. I really appreciate it when you personally ask for permission first, thanks!