Artwork Permissions

 These rules apply to any and ALL artworks/drawings I have posted online, commissions, fan art and personal art. You may not do anything with any of my artwork unless stated in the artwork’s description or on this page. If you’re unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask me!


-You can only use my artwork for personal things like a desktop wallpaper, screensaver, for personal drawing practice and studying, anything else that will not be uploaded on the internet, etc.

-If you are the owner of the character(s) from an image and/or commissioned an art piece from me, you may use it for personal use however you like. But if it does not belong to you, leave it alone.

-You cannot use copyrighted or original characters (that belong to other people) that I have drawn for anything, you must ask their owner for permission.

-You have NO permission to use any of my artwork for commercial purposes, this includes personal, fan art and paid commissions.

-You have NO right to upload my artwork and claim it as your own. Have a little respect, ay?



You may repost my art to share on image boards, forums and other sites (such as Deviantart, Tumblr, Facebook etc.) AS LONG AS:

    ■You do not claim any of the content as your own

    ■Give credit (ex. Art by EN1GMAT1C)

    ■Provide a LINK back to the original post of the drawing from one of my accounts listed here.

(this applies to ANY personal art and paid commissions as well)

-Asking me for permission first before reposting doesn’t hurt and I would really appreciate it!!

-If you have previously commissioned artwork from me and bought the copyrights to it, you do not have to give credit and link back to me as long as you understand and recognize that I (EN1GMAT1C) am the original artist to the piece in the case of anyone asking.



-You may NOT copy, trace or free hand redraw my artwork and re-upload claiming as your own.

-You are NOT allowed to alter my art in any way. You may not add/remove elements (such as watermarks), change colors etc UNLESS it is an image specifically made for you.

-You may NOT remove any signatures in my art unless you have bought the copyrights to the image from me.


My characters:

-You have NO permission to use any of my characters for RPG forums and other similar websites, any sort of role playing anywhere, use in an icon/avatar/signature or appropriate them as your own character(s). Not cool. No.

-Fan art and gifts of my characters are always welcome and appreciated, but please do NOT draw my characters in adult, sexual or NSFW material. I don’t like my characters depicted in a way that is completely out-of-character or does not match their personality.

As the artist, I retain ALL copyright to my artwork regardless if characters contained within my work are not my own. Any sort of use of my art must fall under Fair Use Laws.

    All of my artwork & personal characters ©Enigmatic-Wolf/EN1GMAT1C (Perla Martinez).

    All other original characters and concepts are copyrighted to their respective owners.

    All commercial characters are copyrighted to their respective owners.